Changing Places Funding

Changing Places Funding to Support Your Toilet Project

Costs can be a prohibitive factor for those wanting to install a Changing Places toilet, so you may be wondering if there is any funding or help available. The good news is that depending on what type of business you run and where you are based, there may be funding options available. Funding is also expected to increase and become more accessible this year.

Funding For Changing Places

When it comes to Changing Places funding it can be a bit of a lottery based on your business and where you are located. Trusts operating public buildings and not for profit organisations may find funding easier to obtain too but there is still funding out there for the private sector – you just have to know where to look.

For any business, we recommend your first port of call should be your Local Authority. They are more likely to hold information local to your area and if there are any criteria you need to meet.

Your Local Authority may also apply for Section 106 funding if they are aware there is a particular need within the community in a new developments’ locality. We are aware of several facilities that have been funded this way. Section 106 funding is set aside by private housing developers in agreement with a Local Authority to help improve the communities in which they plan to build housing. So, the funding could be used to install a Changing Places toilet in a local park, for example, as this will benefit the wider community.

Your local NHS trust may also be helpful when trying to resource information on funding.

Separate funding was set aside for the NHS a couple of years ago and is still open for applications until March 2021. This funding can only be used for hospitals though. You can read more about the application process here.


Business Grants For Changing Places

The government routinely run different schemes and offer funding and grants for smaller business owners looking to expand. There is a strong argument that for some businesses, installing a Changing Places toilet would help significantly grow their business by opening them up to a wider range of customers.

If you think a Changing Places toilet would help you grow your business, the Governments grants and support directory is a good starting place.


£30m Additional Funding For Changing Places

The biggest pot of money to date to be allocated for Changing Places funding, the government promised to set aside £30m of additional funding in 2021.

This funding has been driven by campaigners and groups speaking out on the importance of Changing Places. The Government will continue to liaise with relevant groups to decide where and how this funding will be allocated but it is worth keeping up to date with this potential funding source in case you may be eligible to apply.

(Learn more about Changing Places Toilet costs).

Download information about Changing Places.

Not For Profit & Community Group Changing Places Funding

If you are a Not-For-Profit organisation or run any type of community-based building, you may find it easier to obtain funding.

First, check with your Local Authority to see if there are local or regional grants you don’t already know about. There are also trusts with such as the Big Lottery Fund that may be able to help with Changing Places funding.

The Grants Hub have a useful section on Not-For-Profit funding and where you may be able to access grants.


Funding For Transport Hub Changing Places

Transport hubs are recognised as a particular issue for people with profound disabilities – travel is essential for some people and they need to be able to access safe, hygienic bathroom options. For that reason, the Government already provided funding for service stations across the UK to install Changing Places. If you are in the transport sector, further funding may be available for later this year once the second phase of service stations have been funded.


Fundraising For Changing Places

Although Changing Places are often funded privately, or through grants, many have been funded thanks to the generosity of the public, and hard-working campaigners.

Fundraising to install a Changing Places toilet is indeed a worthy cause and one people would be likely to donate to if they were aware of the difficulties some families face when it comes to trying to find a suitable bathroom to use.

A private business may not be able to fundraise for a toilet, but groups such as care centres, respite homes, and community centres could investigate this option. Plus, you can always consider setting-up a Go Fund Me or Just Giving page to enable people to donate money.

To learn more about Changing Places funding, why not attend one of our online seminars?
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