Sensory Rooms for Schools

Stimulating senses for all ages & abilities.
Modular builds or adaptations.

Sensory rooms for schools

Our sensory rooms are a perfect addition for education providers looking for enhanced ways to assist learning.  Whether we install a new modular facility or adapt and existing space, we provide users with a refuge to escape, and the potential to avoid crisis and meltdown events.

Getting Ready For New National Standards

It’s fair to say that SEND provision in England is bracing itself for some challenging changes over the next few years. With central government pushing forward with plans for a new set of National Standards for SEND, mainstream settings are more than likely going to be asked to do even more to support their students with SEND.

In preparing for these changes, it’s worth reviewing your existing SEND provision and asking how well it’s serving both your current pupils and those whom you’ll welcome in the coming years. With around 1 in 7 people now being considered neurodivergent, it may be worth considering the installation of a sensory space – both to ensure your pupils are being given the best opportunity possible to thrive in what can be a challenging environment and to get ahead of the curve when it comes to meeting any facilities requirements that might be in the new Standards.

RISE can offer two potential solutions:

  • A permanent modular pod similar to a mobile classroom, constructed offsite that can be placed nearly anywhere you have space on your campus with minimal disruption, or
  • An internal adaptation of a room into a fully-featured sensory experience.

Our base models feature a sensory journey that we know your pupils – and staff – will adore, and there’s plenty of options for additional customisation should you wish to expand or change our starting spec.

Modular Sensory Room

Modular Sensory Rooms

Our modular sensory rooms aid relaxation and enjoyment, increase sensory input, and facilitate communication and mobility.

Our specification provides a wealth of sensory equipment to engage users and is housed in a structure that’s built to last.

Each facility is constructed offsite and can be installed as a complete unit within a matter of days with minimal disruption. 

Standard Specification

Here is the equipment you can expect to find within our standard specification. All of which is fully installed and ready-to-go.

RGB/W colour lighting installed behind a pelmet at ceiling height to provide a colour wash to all wall surfaces. Controlled via a wall mounted face plate or handheld remote control, colours can be adjusted to provide a calming or engaging environment.

Ceiling-mounted speakers and wall mounted control panel /amplifier. Connectivity via Bluetooth, SD card, built-in FM tuner.

This has 13 unique lighting modes to engage the senses. There are also 8 different colours to visually enhance sensory and immersive spaces. Users will be delighted by the range of colours, patterns, and lighting effects. The LED tube works great with the sensory room controller. Plus, the remote is portable, making it ideal for wheelchair users.

The Sound Panel Plus is a sound reactive wall panel, that’s easy to set up straight out of the box. It has 13 different modes that light up with lots of different colours and effects. Brightness and sensitivity levels can be adjusted to ensure every user can play.

Bespoke designed vinyl covered, foam padded wall panels and furniture/seating area.

Projection has proved the foundation for many multi-sensory environments, assisting development and learning, visual tracking, and cause and effect skills. Our projection kit includes projector, wheel rotator, x3 effects wheels, mirror ball, and pin spot.

This provides a sparkling and entrancing play area suitable for children and adults alike.  125 points of light, twinkle through colours with the colour twinkle wheel fitted as standard to the light source. The fibre optic lights can help calm the irritability or anxiety often associated with autism and similar conditions.

A variety of fluid shapes, raised and recessed areas, as well as contrasting textures. Textures have been carefully chosen to offer a range of softness /hardness, smoothness /coarseness and include fabric, meal, carpet, synthetic turf and safety mirror. Useful for colour recognition, visual perception and discrimination, the panel allows different movements and use of fine motor function.

Our fibre optic tails have a ‘knotted’ effect outer sheathing, providing the extra dimension of touch to the sensory experience. They can be supplied in either a clear or a multi-coloured UV reactive sheathing.

Modular Sensory Rooms

The specification of your sensory room can be tailored to the needs of your users. Get in touch to learn more.

Existing Room Adaptations

If you have sufficient space, we can always adapt an existing room into a sensory space. Whether it’s an existing classroom or an old storage room, we’ll take your current space, complete any required building works, and install your choice of sensory equipment. We can supply a wide range of products, ranging from bubble tubes to projectors — if you can think of it, we probably have it!

Sensory Rooms

Increased Demand

Sensory rooms are typically seen in special schools but they’re becoming increasingly popular across all areas of education.

Practitioners are noticing that children of all ages and abilities can benefit from the stimulating or soothing effects of a sensory room, which is why we supply products right across the education sector.

That’s why you can now find sensory rooms in secondary schools and multi academy trusts, where they can be particularly helpful with managing challenging behaviour.

Primary schools choose to install sensory rooms to aid learning in a fun and stimulating environment, whilst nursery age children can also benefit from a sensory environment.

Download our sensory room product sheet.

The Sudbury Hall team have enhanced their disabled provision with a new Changing Places and sensory room.
We adapted an existing toilet block into a new sensory room to enhance provision at Carr Lodge Academy in Doncaster.
We built a new sensory room for Hesley Group to enhance provision for adults at their King Street residence in Doncaster.
During lockdown, we installed a new modular sensory room to enhance provision at Cherry Orchard Primary School in Charlton.

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To learn more about Changing Places, why not download our brochure or attend one of our monthly online seminars.

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