Changing Places Toilet Cost

How Much Does A Changing Places Toilet Cost To Install?

Without a doubt, the cost of installing a Changing Places toilet will have an impact on your decision to go ahead with your project. All businesses must justify where their funds go and prioritise spending.

To give you an idea of Changing Places costs, we have listed the different options below and what you can expect to pay.

How Much Are Modular Changing Places Toilets?

Modular Changing Places are a popular option due to the ease and speed at which they can be delivered. With minimal disturbance, once groundworks are complete, a modular facility is delivered on a truck and slotted into place before equipment and finishing touches are finalised.

Installing a modular toilet consists of two phases – the groundwork to prepare the site and then the build, delivery, and installation of the unit.

Here at RISE, we design, build, deliver, and install high-quality units. Each facility comes complete with the equipment and necessary testing to ensure the toilet is fit to be used right away. Our modular Changing Places toilets are priced at £56,000, excluding VAT.

Before a modular toilet can be installed, groundworks must be carried out to prepare the space and ensure the unit will be situated on the right footings, will function correctly, and stand the test of time.

RISE work on projects where we carry out both the groundworks and installation – some clients choose to use other providers to carry out their groundworks.

The cost of groundworks varies and can increase should issues be encountered – for example, if there are no nearby facilities. Typically, a smooth and easy preparation will cost around £6,000. This means that a typical modular toilet installation will cost a total of £62,000.

The beauty of modular facilities is the assurance they come with that they are fully compliant with Changing Places requirements and BS 8300. Plus, they can always be re-located at a later date.

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How Much Does It Cost To Adapt A Changing Places Toilet?

Another option for installing a Changing Places toilet is to adapt an existing internal space. This could be a bathroom already, or an unused room. The space chosen to adapt will have to be assessed for suitability and costs can vary quite a bit, depending on the scope of required building works.

A full internal adaption with building works can cost a minimum of £20k and rise to over £100k. This is because the building work required differs vastly and may include more expensive works including significant structural alterations. If this is the option you are looking at, it is essential to consult a professional for an accurate quote.

If you have a space suitable to install a Changing Places and only require the equipment to be fitted (for example, an existing large toilet where it is simply a case of removing previous facilities and installing new equipment) then we have various options available.

If your organisation wants to ensure full compliance with standards now and in future, then you can expect to pay in the region of £12,000 – £13,000. This will include the installation of all required equipment, including a height-adjustable basin and bench.

If budgets are extremely tight, we can install fixed-height equipment with a total cost closer to £8,000. However, this isn’t recommended to protect the health and safety of carers (having to lift users to a fixed height that may be difficult), but also because the CP Consortium may not consider the facility a true “Changing Places” or register it.

Finally, the other option provided for internal adaptions is for the supply of equipment only. This would mean using your own build team or employing a separate team to adapt the space and fit the equipment – in this case, you can expect to save an additional £2,000 (approx.).


How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Changing Places Toilet?

If you need a temporary Changing Places toilet you may be wondering firstly, if that is even an option, and if so, how much it would cost?

The great news is that it is indeed an option to supply temporary or mobile Changing Places toilets. These are ideal for festivals, fairs, or any other event where it would be unreasonable to build a permanent option.

Typically, a mobile Changing Places toilet will cost around £300 per day, including delivery and an attendant. We recommend looking at the highly-rated Mobiloo if this is something you need for your event.

As you can see, there is no short answer to the question of how much it costs to adapt a Changing Places toilet. There are too many variables, so your best option is to consult with a professional for an accurate quote that allows you to plan accordingly.

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We designed and built a new room to house Changing Places facility within the National Space Centre, and installed all specialist equipment.
We adapted the existing toilet facilities at Northumberland’s Woodhorn Museum into a fully compliant Changing Places toilet.
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