Make Your Club More Inclusive: Install A Multifaith Space

Since the publication of the Independent Commission for Equality in Cricket’s landmark report in June 2023, there has been an increased level of scrutiny on exactly how inclusive cricket is in England and Wales.

The headlines tell a sobering story: ‘Discrimination “widespread” in English and Welsh cricket’, says the BBC. ‘English cricket “deep rooted” in racism’, say Sky News. 

But the headlines aren’t the whole story. We know from speaking to our clients that cricket is filled with well-meaning people who genuinely want the game to change for the better.

It’s difficult in the modern era to come across a Club or County Cricket Board that doesn’t have some form of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy. Many even have an Action Plan in place that acts as a roadmap of priorities and targets for organisations to benchmark themselves against. These are both necessary and fantastic – but often, they involve incremental changes or behind-the-scenes improvements that the average fan wouldn’t necessarily know about.

How can Clubs quickly and easily show they’re walking the walk, not just talking the talk? RISE has a number of solutions that can help – but for now, we’ll be focusing on multifaith spaces. 

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New Facilities at Leicestershire County Cricket Club

Overview: What Is A Multifaith Space?

The idea of a multifaith space is simple; it’s a quiet, dedicated space in your wider facility where people of differing faiths can come together and spend time in quiet contemplation or prayer. There’s no set standard to what constitutes a multifaith space or multifaith prayer room – it can be as small or as large as is felt is needed and contain more or less any equipment that might assist in users communing with their religion.

Multifaith spaces offer a spiritual haven in a secular society. Perhaps more importantly than that, they are an obvious and clear indication that people of all different backgrounds, creeds, faiths, beliefs and ethnic groups are welcome and included in the community of the Club.

A multifaith space need not necessarily be a place entirely dedicated to worship. Indeed, research from the University of Manchester suggests that the spaces operate best when seen as ‘not only as symptoms of wider societal and religious dynamics but also as agents that influence relationships between religious and secular worlds.’ 

In the words of Crompton and Hewson in their essay ‘Designing equality: Multifaith space as social intervention’, ‘deliberate acts of equivalence become conspicuous
gestures of tolerance’. By working to put aside space where communities can come together to reflect on their shared-but-different faiths, institutions can signal that they are committed to working towards a culture of acceptance and equality.

‘Multifaith worship spaces not only serve an important spiritual role in post-secular society but also showcase how religious inclusion can encourage the acceptance of religious and ethnic minorities within a multicultural landscape.’

The ICEC Report Is Clear - More Needs to Be Done

Commissioned by the ECB in 2021, the Independent Commission on Equality in Cricket sought to tackle issues of:

‘racism, sexism, elitism and class-based discrimination [that] have a long history within the culture and institutions of English and Welsh cricket’ (ICEC Report Executive Summary (2023)).

Among its many conclusions, the report found that

‘[t]he evidence is unequivocal: racism is a serious issue in cricket’

Black and South Asian players were found to bear the brunt of discrimination, with over 50% of those surveyed found to have experienced some form of negative experience as a result of their race or religion; among Pakistani and Bangladeshi players, this rises to a staggering 87%. The net product of this discrimination is that cricket is not considered to be ‘a game for everyone,’ but rather for the privileged, upper-class white man.

But we know all of this already; you wouldn’t be here if you and your Club were unaware of the issues or didn’t want to effect meaningful change. And we’re not naive – we are by no means suggesting that a multifaith space is the cure to all of these issues. However, by actively making space for players from diverse backgrounds through the provision of a dedicated space, you would be sending a clear signal: you are welcome, you are valued, you are one of us. It’s just one step on what we all know will be a long and transformative journey that will only serve to make cricket the best it can be.

Establishing a multifaith space also goes some of the way towards meeting some of the recommendations set out in the ICEC’s Report:

  •  It is an ‘explicit [expression] about the culture the game aspires to build and the behaviours it expects and rejects’ (Recommendation 3).  By explicitly demonstrating support for the expression of religion, you are also implicitly condemning any action that may occasion discrimination on the basis of religion
  • Contributes to the ‘cultural health’ of your Club (Recommendation 4)
  • It demonstrates a commitment to becoming an ‘anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-classist organisation’ (Recommendation 6) by demonstrating that people from all backgrounds aren’t just welcome, but actively and equitably accommodated for
  • Shows consideration of an ‘increase in money allocated to furthering EDI’ (Recommendation 8) 
  • It shows your commitment to reaching established EDI standards in anticipation of revision of the County Partnership Agreement (Recommendation 21)


The benefits, then, are clear – but what exactly is it that RISE brings to the table? What are the solutions we can offer you that other companies simply can’t – or can’t with our level of care and expertise?

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Percentage of Pakistani and Bangladeshi cricketers who reported facing discrimination within the sport.

Source: ICEC Report Executive Summary

RISE's Solutions: Adapting To meet Your Needs

Since our founding in 2019, RISE has built a reputation as being one of the UK’s leading installers of modular Changing Places toilets.

These facilities offer disabled people with complex needs, like cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy, a safe and clean place to attend to their hygiene needs. They go beyond a standard accessible toilet and offer specialised equipment like an adult size changing bench, a hoist for safe transfer and extra space for powered wheelchairs and care assistants.

The founding team at RISE came together as a result of their personal experiences with disability with the goal of increasing the availability of these vital services at price points that make economic sense.  

We’ve delivered dozens of modular projects over the past four years to clients all over the country – and though we started with a focus on Changing Places, we’re now able to bring our expertise to bear in other sectors, too.

Modular pods offer several advantages over conventional construction:

  • as a product-based solution, they help to keep costs low
  • they can be placed with as little as two days of onsite work vs multiple weeks, and
  • they offer greater flexibility in the long term

Our modular pod-based systems are designed, from the ground up, to be delivered entirely turnkey. RISE takes care of surveying, drawings, building control & planning permission, fabrication, groundworks, installation, fit-out, and eventual registration with relevant regulatory bodies like the Changing Places Consortium.

Our pods come in a variety of different configurations. You can combine the benefits of a Changing Places toilet with a small multifaith space by opting for a CP+1 pod, or install an entirely dedicated multifaith space pod large enough to accommodate 5-6 people at once.

Though a fantastic and economical option, sometimes a modular pod isn’t the right fit for a certain location. In those circumstances, we’re more than ready and able to adapt an existing space on your site or build you an entirely new structure through conventional building methods.

Whatever format you decide on, you can be assured of complete control over the aesthetics of your completed space – from exterior finish, to key internal art, to flooring and much more. Whether a pod or traditional build, our design process hands you the captain’s armband. Choose every element yourself, or let us choose for you – we’re here to adapt to your needs.


Percentage of recreational cricket players from ethnically diverse backgrounds

Source: ICEC Report

RISE: A Trusted Partner In the Space

We’re not just one of the leading installers of modular pods in the UK, we’re the leading installer of them at First Class County Cricket grounds in the UK. In the past 12 months, we’ve completed projects for:

  • Kent Cricket (a Changing Places toilet and an accessible viewing platform),
  • Durham County Cricket Club (Changing Places),
  • Gloucestershire County Cricket Club (Changing Places toilet and separate modular multifaith space pod), and
  • Leicestershire County Cricket Club (Changing Places toilet plus conventionally constructed multifaith space).

Feedback on all of these projects has been universally excellent – and you don’t need to take our word for it. Check out the case studies below to get a better understanding why we’re the trusted partner of choice for First Class Cricket.

Sometimes, a modular pod isn’t the right choice for a client. When we were contracted by Leicestershire CCC to install a new Changing Places toilet and multifaith space, we worked closely with their team to engineer a solution that met their exact needs. The resulting purpose-built, conventionally-constructed multifaith space provides a quiet area for prayer away from the hustle and bustle of a matchday.

Our partnership with Kent Cricket resulted in two fantastic new installations at the Spitfire Ground; a modular Changing Places toilet with adjoining accessible toilet (CP+1), plus a custom-fabricated accessible viewing platform. Just another example of the flexibility of RISE to meet the client’s exact needs.

New Changing Places toilet at Kent Cricket
Gloucestershire CCC New Changing Places Toilet and Multi-Faith Room

Our modular pods aren’t just for Changing Places toilets – they can make great multifaith spaces, too. When we worked with Gloucestershire CCC, we looked at several possibilities before settling on installing two standalone pods: one Changing Places and one multifaith space. The Club had complete control over the process from start to finish, even opting to do their own groundworks to keep a tighter handle on costs.

What impressed me most about RISE and their approach is that nothing was impossible. 

Our multifaith space was fitted out exactly as we wanted it to be from start to finish. I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Dan Archer - Stadium Manager
Leicestershire County Cricket Club

Equity Is Simply Good Business

Over 35% of recreational cricketers in the UK are from non-white backgrounds, and internationally cricket’s never been more popular. Demonstrate, through clear-cut action, your ongoing commitment to diversity by building a multifaith space.

Our expert in-house team are waiting to talk to you about your project. Contact us now for a no-obligation chat.

Modular Sensory Rooms

Sensory Rooms

At RISE, we don’t just do multifaith spaces and Changing Places toilets. We’re also experienced builders, installers and fitters of sensory spaces, both modular and adapted.

Provision for people with sensory issues such as autism is not only a fair and moral thing to do, it also encourages families and travelling groups to visit the Club, either as spectators or as community participants.

“Changing Places are like keys that open the door to wonderful places like The National Space Centre. Our new facility isn’t just a toilet!”

Graham Law — Chief Engineer
The National Space Centre

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