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Changing Places Funding to Support Your Toilet Project

We’ve put together this guide to help you raise funds for a Changing Places toilet. In 2021, it was announced that £30m of government funding would be available for businesses to install more Changing Places toilets across the UK, which is due to roll-out in early 2022.

Whilst it is a step in the right direction, this government funding has to be shared between a number of local authorities across England, and it will only go so far. For many organisations, raising funds remains a priority when campaigning for a Changing Places facility.

Changing Places Funding

How Much Does A Changing Places Toilet Cost To Install?

Before you start fundraising, you must first understand the costs involved when installing a Changing Places facility. We offer various options depending on your requirements.

Modular CP toilet: £60,000 (Approx)

If you don’t have the space for a Changing Places, we can provide a modular Changing Places toilet. This price includes the design, build, delivery, and installation of a premium facility, which arrives onsite as a complete unit and is ready for almost immediate use.

Before the modular unit can be installed, groundworks (costs TBC) must be prepared. A reputable contractor, like ourselves, can provide this service as part of a complete turnkey package. 

Adaption of existing space: From £20,000

If you have sufficient space and services provision, it can be adapted into a Changing Places facility for a little as £20,000. Costs increase with the scope of works, so always consult a professional and request an onsite meeting/survey prior to making any formal commitment

Equipment only: From £12,000

If your existing space is already suitable and you only need equipment, you can expect to pay between £12,000 – £15,000 for supply only

Is Government Funding Available For Changing Places Toilets?

Not currently. In late 2021, expressions of interest were made from local authorities to opt in for their share of £30m government funding. This will hopefully be distributed in early 2022 to increase the number of Changing Places toilets in existing buildings in England.

This government Changing Places funding aims to increase the number of facilities in key public places, including NHS trusts, transport hubs and networks (such as motorway services), shops, tourist attractions and open spaces, including parks, beaches and gardens.

Additional Changing Places Funding & Grants

Aside from government funding, several organisations provide funding and grants to businesses, organisations and charities. The following organisations may be able to provide funds to help cover the cost of a Changing Places toilet:

  • The National Lottery Community Fund has a range of funding programmes across the UK, including National Lottery Awards For All, which offers funding of up to £10,000. You can browse and apply for funding here.
  • Aviva Community Fund splits £250,000 among its UK employees every quarter, enabling them to donate to the projects that matter to them most. Applications for eligible causes are open.
  • The Henry Smith Charity offers grants and funds to bring about positive change in communities. This includes grants for small and medium sized organisations in the UK to support projects.
  • Many of the major supermarkets across the UK provide funding for community projects and eligible causes. Morrisons Foundation, ASDA Foundation, Tesco Community Funds and Co-op Local Community Fund are great places to start.
  • The Garfield Western Foundation is a grant-making trust that funds a wide range of causes and charities with grants that vary according to the work being undertaken.

The government also routinely run schemes that provide funding and grants for smaller businesses looking to expand.

If you are a small business looking to install a Changing Places toilet, the Governments grants and support directory is a great resource.

How To Raise Funds For A Changing Places Toilet

Although funding and grants are available, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to obtain them. And if you are successful in obtaining funding, it may not cover the full cost of a Changing Places facility.

Many of the existing Changing Places toilets have been funded thanks to the generosity of the public and hard-working campaigners.

Know The Rules

There is a lot to consider when asking the public to donate money. For example, you must ensure any fundraising carried out by your organisation will comply with the law and fundraising legal duties.

The Code of Fundraising Practice sets the standards that you must adhere to. Government guidance on how to fundraise legally and responsibly can also be found here.

The Chartered Institute Of Fundraising also provides valuable resources, including information on how to keep your fundraisers safe.

Write A Compelling And Informative Appeal

Raising funds for a Changing Places toilet is much easier when the public understand the need for these facilities. Before you start asking people for donations, you should first create a compelling appeal detailing:

  • What a Changing Places is
  • Who will benefit from the facility
  • Why Changing Places toilets are so important
  • How much you are aiming to raise
  • How the money raised will be used
  • How people can get involved.

You should make it clear from the start that you are not raising money for a charity – you are raising funds to provide a much-needed facility.

The appeal should include real-life stories from people who benefit from Changing Places toilets, as well as quotes from individuals living with complex disabilities and their caregivers.

Aside from encouraging the public to donate, a well-written appeal can go a long way in educating people and raising awareness about the importance of Changing Places toilets.

Seek Help From Changing Places Advocates & Supporters

Without experience, fundraising can be challenging. Thankfully, there is a lot of support available within the Changing Places community.

The official Changing Places Consortium is a group of organisations working hard to support the rights of people with profound disabilities. The consortium can provide you with informative resources and tips to help you establish a campaign, raise funds and install a Changing Places toilet.

Campaigners and advocates within the Changing Places community will also provide valuable information and support to help with your fundraising campaign. In addition, you should also reach out to local disability groups, local councillors, SEN schools, people living with complex disabilities and caregivers. 

Spread The Word

Once you launch your fundraising campaign, you need to spread the word far and wide. Create posters and ask local organisations, shops and community venues to display them. Reach out to local radio stations and news publications to raise awareness of your campaign.

Create social media graphics and posters to circulate on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Social media can also be used to update people with news of your fundraising events and efforts and share links on how to donate online. 

Set Up A Team Of Fundraisers

A team of fundraisers are responsible for everything from spreading the word about the fundraising campaign to taking part in fundraising events and activities.

Have a chat with the team members within your business or not-for-profit organisation and find out who would be willing to volunteer as part of the fundraising team.

Ideally, your fundraising team will include a group of enthusiastic volunteers who believe in the cause and are willing to put in the time and effort.

If possible, each team member should have an assigned role. To get the most out of your fundraising team, aim to include people with experience in social media management, public relations, marketing and event management.

Popular Fundraising Events And Ideas

  • Themed party/banquet/gala
  • Talent show
  • Music festival
  • Art exhibition
  • Sponsored bike riding/walking/running/hiking event
  • Sporting event involving local teams i.e. football, golf, rugby
  • Summer BBQ
  • Sponsored “Go Without” challenge
  • Bingo night/Quiz night
  • Charity Raffle
  • Car boot sale
  • Christmas Gift Wrapping Service
  • Extreme challenges, i.e. skydiving, fire-walking, abseiling, mountain climbing


Involve The Local Community

Fundraising events that involve the local community, such as Charity balls, football matches, carnivals, quiz nights and festivals raise significant amounts of money. But it is important to remember that these large scale events take a lot of planning.

Ensure you have a realistic timescale and budget, as well as the number of volunteers needed to plan and host the event safely.

As well as fundraising within the community, you could also approach local businesses that share your ethical values.

One of these businesses may be willing to form a mutually beneficial corporate partnership. It will help you raise funds, gain support and increase the visibility of your campaign. The business will benefit from great PR, increased brand reputation and opportunities beyond monetary value.

Use Online Fundraising Tools

Online fundraising platforms, such as JustGiving and GoFundMe provide a simple, safe and effective way to raise funds virtually.

Crowdfunding pages provide an easy way for people from far and wide to sponsor your fundraising efforts, such as sponsored hikes or bike rides. Even if most of your funds are raised through community events, having an online crowdfunding page will still be beneficial. 

Fundraise Gradually In Stages

Fundraising in stages maximises donations. Set achievable goals and give your fundraising team a realistic timescale. Then, ensure you are taking your audience along on the fundraising journey.

Celebrate milestones (however small!), thank donors and highlight the hard work of your dedicated fundraising team. If you repeatedly display your passion for the project, your audience is more likely to donate. 

Access For All UK

Quote From Successful Fundraisers

“We started with the hope of raising a few hundred pounds, we never expected it to turn out the way it has. We just do raffles. As an example, we buy a £20 voucher and raffle it off for £2 per number with 20 numbers and we instantly double the money. We get our money back and the charity gets all the profit. In 30 weeks, we have raised nearly £60,000 for a variety of charities. It is stressful but worth it as we know it is helping so many people.” – Hannah Blackshire, Games For Charity.

Hannah Blackshire and Michelle Ahmed have raised almost £60,000 in less than 8 months by running a series of raffles through a dedicated Facebook group named Games For Charity. The non-for-profit is now a registered charity in North Yorkshire that has helped several charities and causes, including community projects.

Fundraising is about passion, whatever you feel passionate about, people will respond to. So be passionate about your fundraising project, and you’ll find more people will become engaged.”– Laura Baker, Fundraising and Communications Coordinator with 7 years experience working for third sector organisations.

Quotes From People Who Benefit From CP Toilets

“Being able to access a toilet when out and about is a basic human right that should be afforded us all – not just the able-bodied.” – Carrie (Taken from a Changing Places Case Study).

“Changing Places toilets means being able to enjoy full family days out for us.” – Max (Taken from a Changing Places Case Study)

 “In the 21st century nobody should be isolated in their homes because of a lack of an accessible toilet in their community, and nobody should have to be laid on a public toilet floor.” Lorna Fillingham, Changing Places Campaigner via Independent Living.

Statistics To Include

  • Less than 2% of UK train stations have Changing Places toilets.
  • Only 1% of visitor attractions in the UK have Changing Places toilets.
  • Only 18 pubs and restaurants in the UK have Changing Places toilets.
  • More than 70% of UK motorway services do not have Changing Places toilets.

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