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How To Choose The Right Modular Changing Places Toilet Provider

Installing a Changing Places facility in your establishment can be a huge task, so you want to make sure it’s done right. This blog explores how to choose the right modular Changing Places toilet provider – ensuring your installation project is a success for both you, and your guests.

Modular Changing Places

Modular solutions are ideal for establishments that have limited internal space and are wanting a cost-effective and efficient way to enhance existing toilet provisions.

In compliance with the BS8300, most modular builds come with the appropriate equipment to benefit the users who need them. They are usually situated in outdoor spaces ie car parks.

Once installed, businesses must register the modular Changing Places facility with the Changing Places Consortium to spread awareness of them being an accessible establishment.

Modular Changing Places builds are a popular choice amongst businesses who want an easy and speedy installation process. Usually, specifically with RISE, modular facilities are built offsite and simply delivered to the site once complete, keeping disruption at the site to a minimum. An offsite build means providers can pay close attention to quality and detail without the worry of time or site constrictions at the business’ site.

To further enhance disabled provisions, we installed a modular Changing Places toilet at Kingsbury Water Park.
CP+1 Pod

What To Look For When Choosing A Modula Changing Places Toilet Provider

There are several modular Changing Places toilet providers across the UK, so how do you know which one is right for you? There are several attributes to look for in a Changing Places provider.

The Service

It’s important when choosing a modular Changing Places provider that you take into consideration the service that they provide, not just the product.

RISE provides a turnkey service to our clients, often fulfilling tasks such as initial groundworks and connections as well as the erection and delivery of modular Changing Places facility.

Good Track Record

A Changing Places provider should be able to show credentials for their previous work. A lack of case studies or testimonials are things to look out for when choosing a modular build provider.

You can explore some of RISE’s previous case studies here.

Quality Products

A Changing Places provider must use the best building materials to produce a quality product for the business and users. With the majority of modular builds being situated outside, products should be weatherproof.

The product is there to provide an accessible user experience and so the thermal and acoustic performance of the build, the groundworks and the quality of equipment must be all things the provider can ensure.

This also leads to the aesthetic of the build – it’s important to choose a provider that can provide a facility which not only caters for the users but aesthetically fits with the establishment in which it is situated. Good providers should offer options for exterior appearance to ensure the facility looks good on-site. The exterior aesthetic of a modular facility is sometimes particularly important when it comes to installing them in sensitive sites such as areas of conservation.

Further Reading: Shorne Woods Case Study. An example of how RISE customised the exterior to make the product more in keeping with the setting.


As mentioned previously, to register with the Changing Places Consortium, the modular facility must be compliant with the regulations stipulated in BS8300.

You can find out more about the regulations here.

Ensuring a provider understands and works in compliance with these regulations is essential.

Managing Access

One of the biggest concerns of businesses. Managing access should be a topic that is worked on by both business owners and Changing Places providers. Several different access options are available to establishments to meet the needs of themselves and the facility users.

Both ‘pro access’ options, leaning toward the facility being openly accessible and ‘pro security’, with options such as 24/7 surveillance and security are available to the business in initial conversations. So be sure to work with your provider to find the best access option.


Another concern we face from businesses. What happens after the modular facility is installed? A provider should deliver the appropriate aftercare to a modular Changing Places toilet. This includes; yearly maintenance visits, six-month LOLER testing for equipment and advice on cleaning and general upkeep. It’s important to address these factors with your provider before agreeing to a project as it often needs accounting for within budgets.


Changing Places providers are not just manufacturers. They should come armed with the appropriate knowledge and be well informed on the purpose and importance of Changing Places facilities. They also must pass this information on to businesses with what to do in an emergency.

Ensure you find a provider that can provide training and advice for staff throughout the installation process and afterwards.


Choose RISE

RISE is a unique modular Changing Places provider which blends specialist knowledge, modular construction and purpose and values to provide an efficient turnkey service resulting in a product fit for businesses and Changing Places users.

We believe it that much we offer a ‘High Five Promise’! We donate five per cent of our time and annual profits to the Changing Places campaign.

Want to know more about us as a modular Changing Places provider? Get in touch!

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Have you installed a Changing Places facility and are now ready to open it to the public? Be sure to register it first! This blog breaks down the importance of registering your Changing Places toilet.
Changing Places are becoming more and more prominent throughout the UK, thanks to the work of the Changing Places Consortium and providers such as RISE. This blog aims to uncover the latest Changing Places toilets stats and facts.

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To learn more about Changing Places, why not download our brochure or attend one of our monthly online seminars.

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