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All About Changing Places Building Regulations

Are Changing Places toilets mentioned in Building Regulations? Here is everything you need to know before installing a CP toilet.

RISE believes in access for all. Safe and clean public facilities should be available and accessible for those with disabilities.

Former Minister Of Care, Helen Whately, said that compulsory Changing Places are major steps in giving future generations independence. They reduce the health inequalities faced by many individuals across the country.

The range of modular Changing Places facilities we offer at RISE are designed to make life easier for you.

So, what are the building regulations for Changing Places facilities?


What Are Changing Places?

Changing Places facilities are public toilets that are larger and more accessible to those who are extremely disabled. You may find curtains, adult-sized changing benches, and hoists in these rooms.

They are designed meticulously so that they are spacious for people and equipment, as well as fully accessible. It is required that they are an additional facility, separate from the other toilets available.


Problems of Having No Changing Places Facility

There are many people who need that bit of extra support with daily tasks and Changing Places provides the privacy and comfortability to do that. But when there’s no such facility, it can be frustrating and unpleasant.

For example, here’s some of the problems faced by the disabled individual:

  • Limited liquid intake to avoid needing the toilet, risking dehydration and infection.
  • Staying in dirtied clothing until reaching an appropriate facility or home.
  • Changing on the toilet floor, which is unsanitary.
  • Reducing time outside to avoid complications – ultimately hurting the person’s social life.

That’s why the government has particular requirements and regulations in place when building these services.


What Are Building Regulations?

Building regulations are there to ensure that any property – domestic, commercial, industrial – is a safe and healthy area for people to be in.

Your property will already meet the standards held so the regulations only need to be used when planning new builds, conversions, and extensions. And also when performing any extreme renovations – we’re not talking just wallpaper changes. We’re talking additions and removals.

For any project, approval is needed. They’re not necessarily legal requirements but it does mean that your building is expected to be an appropriate standard.

Our Changing Places facilities provide both the required space and specialist equipment to register as Changing Places toilets.


Planning & Construction

If the modular building is intended to be there for longer than 28 days, then planning permission is more than likely required.

Planning permission focuses on how the building will affect the exterior and surrounding environment.

As the amenities are modular buildings, they are constructed off-site. For bathroom pods this is a common method of construction. The building components will typically be constructed off-site and then transported to the site to be built.

Because components are assembled off-site, sideloaders may be used at the building location to help lift sections.

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New Changing Places Toilet at Lappa Valley

Building Regulations For Modular Buildings

Building regulations focus on ensuring that the design and construction are of an approved standard.

The usual standard for Changing Places services is BS8300. This is the British standard for building accessibility – outlining strategic site and building layout as well as accessibility. From outside areas and entryways to handrails and lifts. It covers both the exterior and interior design features that should be incorporated when designing an accessible amenity.

Of course, there are the general regulations too.


Fire Safety

All buildings, regular or modular, must comply with fire safety regulations. This includes fire alarms and easy-to-access fire exits in cases of emergency. It’s important that there is a warning in place (alarm) so people can evacuate safely.



Modular buildings must have ventilation systems in place in order to extract water vapour from the rooms. Installed ventilation must give some supply of fresh air, too.

For bathrooms especially, it’s important that water vapour is extracted. Moist and humid conditions are ideal for bacteria to thrive – especially mould. So making sure there’s ventilation and fresh air supplied will greatly minimise that risk.



Waste and drainage should be disposed of correctly. Build-ups of waste or drainage issues lead to unhygienic conditions.

A place where bacteria build-up can either be minimal or maximal, it’s essential that measures are in place to adequately dispose of waste. Therefore, all mechanics and plumbing should be correctly fitted and well-maintained to prevent problems.



As we mentioned, Changing Places toilets are designed to be more accessible to disabled individuals. The overall finish needs to reflect that.

That means having handrails and hoists, space for carers, ramps, and clear parking spaces. At RISE, we build many of our pods on ground that is level to eliminate the need for ramps. They also have panic alarm cords and reset buttons in case something goes wrong.


Our CP Pods

We specialise in the design and build of modular Changing Places (CP) and we’re able to meet your requirements. Whether that’s just our standard CP Pod, suitable for one wheelchair user, or CP Pod

Our largest facility incorporates a Changing Places toilet as well as regular toilets. But they can be adapted internally to suit your needs! Baby change facilities, a bank of cubicle toilets, or gender-neutral facilities.


Get In Touch: Rise Adaptations

We have specialist knowledge and industry experience here at RISE and we put passion into our work. We want equal access for everyone which is why we work to enhance disabled provisions nationwide.

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To learn more about Changing Places, why not download our brochure or attend one of our monthly online seminars.

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